As a multi-billion turnover industry, the automotive sector’s importance to the UK economy cannot be over-emphasized.

Its diverse nature offers businesses ranging from garages, service centres and franchised dealerships to suppliers of components, technology specialists and manufacturers and from haulage companies to motorsport businesses opportunities to have a slice of pie.

With our specialist knowledge of the sector, Rokaid Limited is ideally placed to provide a comprehensive range services to businesses in the automotive sector, tailored to their specific needs.

While automotive businesses may be involved in driving forward technology developing and producing innovative products or providing regular sales deals or maintenance services to customers from dealerships and garages respectively, they also need to get the financial basics right, so that they are in the best possible financial shape to stay competitive and be ready to take advantage of current and future opportunities.

Rokaid Limited deals with the day-to-day financial administration and provide expert advice on more complex issues, such as cross-border VAT and research and development (R&D) tax credits so you can do what you are really good at and steer your business through this competitive sector to success.

Services we can provide include: