Health Sector

If you work as a health professional whether as a doctor, dentist, nurse or other supportive role you are focused on giving the best possible service and care to your patients.

At the same time, you need to deal efficiently and cost-effectively with day-to-day business issues, within a highly regulated operational environment and against a backdrop of ongoing NHS changes.

To help you maximise the financial and operational efficiency of your practice or services, Rokaid Limited brings its accountancy and regulatory acumen to help you fulfil all your statutory obligations so you can concentrate providing services to the health sector.

For example, we stay up-to-date on changes to NHS funding, so that we can provide timely advice on how these might affect your practice. We can also understand the treatment of income and expenses in accounts and the complexities of VAT for dispensing doctors, as well as pensions and superannuation issues.

Services we can provide include: