Umbrella Company Services

Through our sister company Rokaid Synergies Limited, we provide umbrella company services to contractors. If you are not familiar with the umbrella company model.

What is an umbrella company?

An umbrella company is a separate company that acts as an employer for contractors working on fixed-term contracts. They also serve as an intermediary between the contractor and their end client or agency. The principle function of an umbrella company is to organise payment for the contractor. To do this they collect the contractor’s earnings from the end client or agency and then pay it onto the contractor after tax and National Insurance Contributions are deducted.

Looking for an umbrella company?

We understand that having the right support is crucial, whether you’re working through your own limited company or under an umbrella. That’s why our sister company, Rokaid Synergies Limited, is here to help.

Using their years of experience in supporting contractors, they’re well placed to get you up and running and give you the tools to help you throughout your career. 

How does an umbrella company work?

There are a number of steps you will take when you work under an umbrella company:

Sign a contract with an umbrella company

The umbrella company will sign a contract with your recruitment agency. You will then sign an employment contract with the umbrella company and become an employee of the umbrella.

Submit your timesheet each week

As an umbrella employee, you will be required to submit a timesheet with information about all of the hours you have worked, along with any expenses to claim. Your umbrella company will invoice your agent/client for the work you have done and will receive funds for you from the agency.

The umbrella pays your wages

You are paid after tax and National Insurance Contributions are deducted. Your umbrella company will send you a payslip, and your wages will be paid directly into your bank account.

If you require umbrella company services, please contact Rokaid Synergies Limited and we will be happy to provide the payment processing support you require so you have the peace of mind to concentrate on your work.