Business Start-up

The essentials of starting a new business are always based on a realistic business plan and adequate finance.

Most new business owners when starting-up will no doubt start with a foundation of a solid business proposition and plenty of entrepreneurial spirit.  We help look after the legal and financial aspects of running a business or company formations.

At Rokaid Limited, we can provide extensive direction and advice on starting up a business to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible and hassle free for you.

Whatever the size of business you are considering starting up we can provide vital advice on:

We advise that you do not risk getting caught out by any unexpected problems and come and see us from the start.  Coming to see us to review your business proposals means we can evaluate them and ensure they present a realist view of your plans. Earnings, cash-flow forecasts, owner’s residence and business type can all impact on whether you should form a company, partnership, combine the both or go it alone.


Our wealth of experience in setting up companies and LLPs means we are experts in identifying and choosing the best option for your business.


We will choose the option that is most suited to your preferences, limits any administrative burden and fits with any legal regulations – existing or expected.


Having your plans reviewed by us at Rokaid Limited will ensure you start out on a sure footing as you’ll have all the basics covered.

As bookkeeping is part of our services to you, the time and cost involved in preparing your year-end accounts is considerably reduced. If you require an audit, we have access to specialists who can provide the service.

To find out more about how we can help you, please contact us.